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In the autumn of Se - ylq123 - 06-03-2019

In the autumn of September, the autumn wind is cool, and it is a teacher's day waving to us. My hand is calculated, tomorrow is my last teacher's day at my alma mater. To be precise, soon, I will leave my dear alma mater and leave my respected teacher, so that tomorrow, I will be my companion to my alma mater. The last teacher's day spent by the gardeners. On the occasion of the upcoming Teacher's Day, a question that has made me think for a long time has not been solved: Teacher's Day, what should I do is to present a bouquet of flowers to the teachers. Is it a greeting card for the teacher? Or at the moment when the self-study teacher stepped into the door of the classroom Marlboro Red, he said to the teacher: "Teacher, Happy Teacher's Day!" I think, the teacher is always learning for us. Our healthy growth is working hard, should we "send" to the teacher a best self! On Teacher's Day, I want to give the teachers a special gift - to be the best, to be the best of yourself, to change It��s a bad thing to do things, and I��m on the other side. Yesterday's formal mathematics assignments, I handed it over to the mathematics teacher for corrections as soon as I finished it. I saw the teacher seriously changed his mind, and his eyes stayed on the last application question. Looking at the expression of the math teacher, it seemed to be very doubtful. . "Come, hand me the math book." The math teacher said to a male student in the front row. It turned out that due to my negligence, copying "3/2" to "3/2" caused this application error. If this is in the examination room of Xiaoshengchu, then the 5 points will not be lost in vain? It seems that my bad habits should be changed. I am determined to do the most careful self Carton Of Cigarettes, absolutely not let the sloppy become a stumbling block on the road of growth, let the teacher see a serious self doing the best, do the responsibility of the squad leader, and bring the class to unity and friendship, excellent civilization. In the sixth grade, I became the squad leader who dreamed of. Because of the experience of the squad leader many times, I realized the hard work and difficulty of being the squad leader. I am very excited to be the squad leader of this discipline. Of course, the heavy responsibility on the shoulder cannot be ignored. I am determined to be the most responsible self. Since I am the squad leader, I have to assume the duties and responsibilities of the squad leader. I want the teachers to witness the birth of a new six (6) class, a group of students with dreams. The birth of the best self, the class to listen carefully, speak positively, think hard, be willing to explore to be the best self Cheap Cigarettes, study more in spare time, increase knowledge, and arm yourself with knowledge to do the best since tomorrow Parliament Cigarettes... Festival, it was the last time I had a teacher's day for my alma mater's teachers. Tomorrow, let us welcome our beloved teachers with a new look. Tell us the teacher with our actions. We love you here. Let me sincerely pay tribute to all the teachers in the world Online Cigarettes. I really want all the teachers in the world to say: "Thank you for cultivating us into talents! Teacher, hard work! Teacher, thank you
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