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Tang Bohu is one of the f - ylq123 - 06-03-2019

Tang Bohu is one of the four great talents of Jiangnan. Many TV dramas show him how to fight against the traitors and see how he wins the beauty... However, these plots are not his real life. After reading "Those Things in the Ming Dynasty", I saw the real Tang Bohu, the young man who was arrogant, turned into a middle-aged person who had no talent, and became an old man who was disheartened and completely degraded. A talented person became a social scum. It was the tragedy of the feudal period. Tang Bohu was born in the merchant's house in 1470. He was very clever and savvy. Everyone boasted of him and made him drink all day. A friend Zhu Zhishan advised him not to do this. Tang Bohu listened to the advice and began to study hard. In the township test, Tang Bohu won the first place, also known as the solution of Ying Tianfu. However, on the way to Beijing to take the exam, he met a rich man named Xu Jing, and promised that Tang Bohu could eat white in him. However, it happened that Xu Jing bought the answer and joined Tang Bohu in the top pick. And he still said before the list that he will be the current division Newport 100S. The result was blacked out and closed to the prison. After he was released from prison, Tang Bohu returned to his hometown, but the people in the village could no longer afford to see him. Even his wife and children were hostile to him. Even the dog at the door of the house saw him screaming. This made him more desperate and more degenerate. Ning Wang Zhu Xi wants to make **, invites Tang Bohu to come over, he does not want to do it, pretends to be mad and streaking Carton Of Cigarettes, and finally escapes. Later, he was completely degraded. At the same time he fell down and reminded him of his body. In 1523, he was depressed and went to see Tang Bohu��s life. He said nothing, but also awkward, hehe, but his words and deeds have some problems. . Looking at his life, I understood a truth - a disaster Tang Bohu said the wrong words to the wrong person at the wrong time, in the wrong place. From then on, his life stepped into the trough from the peak, and his career was completely destroyed. He did not pay attention to his words and deeds, he was too proud, and he was beaten by slang. Of course, the society at that time was very dark Cigarettes For Sale, and the candidates often The murder of the black, so that some of the talented people can not be heavy duty. If the candidates are all righteous gentlemen, then he can definitely punish the traitors as the TV series said, and the country that is serving the country is not the same in our lives Cigarettes Online. What to say to someone, to whom should not say, if you do not know, it has a certain impact on our future. In short, Tang Bohu��s life has already told us this truth, keeping his mouth shut, keeping a clear head, and not saying what he should not say, is the most important tragic Tang Bohu, only the first "Peach Blosso
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